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So, this is the odds? Wow. That is really small. The odds are so small. That's it? 1 in 10000 chance of ending up with a species like humans? These are the mysteries of life and I think we are there to explore it, to discover more about it, and possibly to extend it.

Such are the things that can blow myself away. Thanks for making this video. It's cool.


Good work, but do you know that word means "Taxi" in Malay?

Best parody

I had watched this movie yesterday and I am pleased that this parody is very funny and enjoyable.

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There has been some glitches. At one point when I try to move I could not jump to a platform, and the keys keep sticking. Overall it is a good game; it reminds me of that 8-bit era of computer games.

This game sucks, this game sucks, and this game sucks! Katniss is killed within just ten seconds of the game, plus it is hard! Those guys who made it are total jerks for pissing the rest of the NG community with this!

The controls are difficult, this is a game you will lose.

This is one of the BEST games EVER! And I loved its sequels.

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Very technologically advanced music.

I bet your music is cutting edge- 8-bit sounds with drum and bass must be one giant leap forward.

Cool music dude!

The song reminds me of a nightclub.... it sounds very techno.

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Beautiful girl. I like the character Felicia a lot, she is hot and your drawing only proves my claim. Great job.

Message to Lamar:

YOU are a vocal minority. The guys that support SOPA/ACTA/whatever- are vocal minorities.

Beyond my capabilities, and the work is excellent.

Your work is so good, if you compare my work (which is drawn in a similar style to yours) to your work, your work is always miles ahead of mine. But instead of just saying this, I will give you the lowdown on what I think.

1. I am a fan of manga-style drawing. I say that the guys all look very creepy, but you managed to combine Halloween styles with Christmas styles.
2. The work, as I said, is placed streets ahead of other people's including mine. If the stars are out of five, you deserved 7- no, 14 stars.

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